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How to Construct Reverse Testimonials for Your Cohort-Based Course

The day I found out conventional testimonials are shit Not too long ago, I was a Community Manager working for a very reputable marketing education company, and I was tasked to update all the testimonials on our course landing pages. So, I did what I thought I was supposed to do… I  collected  testimonials. I reached out to hundreds of our current and past customers. I asked them to give a testimonial. I posted their testimonials to our website. Bam! Done! I thought these testimonials were perfect. They were positive. They said great things about the course instructor and the material. A few of them even commented on the results they got from the course. These testimonials were just like every other testimonial in existence. Job done. And then I realized everything I knew about testimonials… was wrong. I got a part-time job working as a Content Editor for Louis Grenier at . My first task on the job was to  construct  reverse testimonials for the first two co