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How to Start Your First Cohort-Based Course ~ Gautham & Aruna

If you've decided you want to run your first cohort-based course, you probably want to avoid common pitfalls. That's why Gautham and Aruna explain how you can identify market-course-teacher fit to make your first cohort-based course a big hit. We Covered What got you into teaching others how to run cohort-based courses? (01:33) Gautham and Aruna’s target audience: people who are new to cohort-based courses (08:17) Step 1: identify your expertise. (10:08) Market-course-teacher fit (13:27) Step 2: Identify your market’s biggest problems (15:04) How to identify your market’s problems (17:34) Step 3: See if your idea has teeth (19:21) You’re gonna need to test your offer for free and start small with micro lessons before you charge money for a full program (23:09) How do you structure your cohort-based course? - Center those decisions around the outcomes you want your students to achieve (28:37) Cohort-based courses >> evergreen courses (37:43) How Gautham and Aruna structur