How to Build Your CBC in Public ~ Kevon Cheung

In this episode, Captain Kevon Cheung explains how to build your cohort-based course in public.

We Covered
  • How Kevon became interested in building in public (01:51)
  • What Kevon would say to someone who feels that building in public could do more harm than good (05:16)
  • How Kevon built his Twitter audience (07:07)
  • The three key pillars of Twitter (15:04)
  • Kevon’s strategy to finding people to befriend (19:24)
  • One aspect of building in public is involving your audience in the product building phase (22:27)
  • The different types of things you can tweet to build in public (24:31)
  • How building in public naturally leads to the pratfall effect to increase your relatability (26:37)
  • An example of how Kevon involved his audience in the building of his cohort-based course (29:12)
  • How building in public can be applied specifically to cohort-based courses (32:13)
  • Closing questions (35:46)
In a Nutshell
  1. Build your audience first. If you don’t have an audience, you can’t build in public, and you won’t have anyone to whom you can sell your cohort-based course.
  2. Share your ups and downs daily. You can either do this by sharing what’s happening currently, or you can recap lessons learned from the past.
  3. Involve your audience in building your cohort-based course with you. Ask questions. Interact.
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